Now available in following cities: London, Milan, Rome, Turin, Genova.



Maximum productivity in a few hours?

We offer professional training lessons tailored to your production needs, from  interiors spaces to industrial design, from small scale projects to master plans.

We have 15 years of experience in CG graphics collaborating side by side with the most prominent names in the architecture world and more as 600 competitions for studios like Asymptote, Zaha Hadid, Libeskind and many others.

Our training fields are:

Master plans
Industrial Design
Lighting Design

For training in other visualization fields please contact us. We are always open to new challenges!

Training plans

Basic FELIX Lessons (2 hours)
For immediate productivity.
Great for Maxwell Render users.
190 Euro + Vat *

Advanced FELIX Lesson (4 Hours)
Your production is mainly focused to one visualization field? Choose between exteriors+masterplans and interiors or Design.
290 Euro + Vat *

Professional FELIX Lesson (8Hours)
Training to face three visualization fields.
Exteriors+Masterplans + interiors + Design
390 Euro + Vat *

Lessons are for maximum two persons. For group lessons please contact us for a custom quote.

We recommend this curses mainly to Rhino and Lightwave users. Felix is also compatible with 3DMax, Sketchup and Maya but our current trainers have less experience with this applications.

*Does not include transfer costs.



London: David Rossmann +447455511165 ;

Italy: Massimo Ciani +393286231611 ;