Hani Rashid,
Asymptote Architecture

Felix has become an integral part of Asymptote's design process - a game changer in fact - as renderings are no longer seen as the end result but continuously generated and therefore a vital tool in our iterative design approach...... more>

Cloud based rendering
Ready for every deadline from a laptop

A 10-year-old laptop is enough to tackle even with large projects. The FELIX interface has been designed to use the minimum of resources without sacrificing productivity.

Run unlimited renderings simultaneously

In FELIX, making one or ten renders takes the same amount of time. You can also easily work on multiple projects at the same time since all the heavy work is done on the cloud.

Collaborative asset libraries

15.000 materials, 8.000 3D objects, 500 environments

asset 1
Rich asset libraries save you precious time

In FELIX you will find everything you need to set-up your scenes, from high quality materials to 3D objects, saving you the time previously spent searching for them on the web. You will find everything from trees to vehicles, to furniture, people, tools and more!

asset 2
A generous community is a rich community.

Being 99% FELIX users architects and designers, whose competitive advantage is given by the quality of their projects, it is a common practice to share their assets. However, the FELIX user can decide anytime to share his assets only between his team or keep the private.

Reality matched materials

Photorealism as it should be

We have decided to follow the empirical vay. We have sampled hundreds of real materials so that we have solid references on which to create virtual materials. This approach also allows us to qualitatively align multiple rendering engines.

FELIX materials are constantly improving over time.

The technology we have implemented allows us to improve the quality of the materials of the whole system over time while maintaining 100% backward compatibility. This guarantees you that the assets you create in FELIX are a long-term investment.

Massive instancing

Create complex scenes effortless

Add the seats to a teather, the trees on a masterplan, the cars on a parking or the products in shop...you just have to create a layer containing 3-sided polygons, one at the base of each object; in FELIX you can replace 3-sided polygons by dragging one or more objects on that layer.

Keep your 3D modeling files light

This approach allows you to keep your 3D modeling files very light, which is great because you'll be able to focus on your project and edit it easily. You can also scatter objects over a layer; in this way you can create grass and carpets.

Light editor

Lighting designers heaven

Scenes with dozens or even hundreds of different types of light are particularly difficult to control, and no GPU handle a scene like the one above. With FELIX's light editor you can play with light color and intensity in real time and enjoy lighting design like never before.

Verify Lighting designs

FELIX's light simulations are physically correct. The values are fixed in lumens and lux and the light is accurately distributed in the space. You can check the lux intensities on each rendering area at any time.

Non destructive workflow

Work carefree

A normal creative process is branched, not linear, and the end result will likely be a hybrid of multiple variations. FELIX assists you by offering a carefree workflow. You can always go back in time, retrieve successful version and mix them with the current project.

Rich image format

The secret of FELIX's non-destructive workflow lies in its image format; each render is full scene back-up. If you want to retrieve a previous version, simply search for the corresponding rendering (in FELIX all renderings are saved permanently) and retrieve the desired data. It's easier to use as to explain; in some cases it saves you entire days of work and in general it means pure creative freedom!

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