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Rendering as a design tool, FELIX delivers pure creative joy for architects and designers.


Uncompromising quality & realism for complex scenes, handling 100M+ polygons with ease, all from your laptop.


We think FELIX is probably the most accurate rendering solution ever built.


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Create breathtaking interiors with FELIX's huge library of beautiful furniture, materials and lighting fixtures.


Bring external scenes to life with rich textures, Ikebana designs, FELIX's landscape painter tool and over 15K high-quality 3D objects.

360° panoramas & animations

Render visually immersive 360° panoramas and studio quality animations at astonishingly low cost.


Felix's friends

"FELIX has become an integral part of Asymptote's design process, a game changer in fact. Renderings are no longer the end result, they are continuously generated and therefore a vital tool in our iterative design approach."

Hani Rashid, Asymptote Architecture

Andrea Castejon

"FELIX is the best choice, not only because of the quality of materials and interior lighting tools, but for the ability to manage complex projects and deal with the many variations of each with surprising simplicity."
Centropolis Design

Inanc Eray

"FELIX allows us to define renderings really quickly. It has all the materials, textures and objects we need to complete any project."
Sour Studio

Marc Dizon

"FELIX is an amazing tool that allows us to go from concept to visual presentation in a matter of hours. It allows us to use the rendering process as a design tool and not just as an end result. We design, redesign and develop on the fly, which is a huge step forward for us."
Dizon Collective

real-time feedback

FELIX's real-time cloud rendering provides immediate visual feedback, eliminating all guesswork from the design process. See every change instantly, in high resolution, and say goodbye to the hours lost waiting for your ideas to come to life.

rich asset library

Inbuilt object libraries contain everything you need to enrich interiors and exteriors, from high quality materials & textures to over 15,000 high-quality 3D objects. FELIX libraries are curated by the community and also feature several top designers.

landscape painter

With simple brush strokes, FELIX adds foliage, rocks, trees or any landscaping element with exact precision, creating natural beauty and elegance for any scene. FELIX also supports the creation of Ikebana (生花) design presets for landscape patterns.

creative workflow

Non-linear, nondestructive workflows accelerate design creativity by allowing users to revert any change or rewind to a previous version. FELIX keeps assets neatly organized so they can be quickly found and reused in any scene or project.

massive instancing

FELIX massive object instancing eliminates expensive rendering overheads and delivers a lightweight, ultra-efficient design experience when editing complex scenes with hundreds or even thousands of similar objects.

100% accurate lighting

FELIX delivers true to life, 100% physically accurate light simulations, even with scenes containing hundreds of different types of light. FELIX gives users complete control of colour and intensity to enjoy lighting design like never before.

Our customers

Aecom, SOM, Olympic Agency 2006, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel Architect, Arata Isozaki, ARUP, Asymptote Architecture, Alias Design, Archa, CityLyfe, Atkins Global, Future Systems, Kaplickycentre, Sour Studio, Foster + Partners, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Gregotti Associati International, Mario Bellini, Steven Holl, STW Architects, MVRDV, Josef Glass, Pott Architects, Jeanneau, Theo Lalis, IED, Renato Sarno Group, Catellani & Smith, Kirimoto, Centropolis Design, Amanda Levete, Richard Meier and Partners, Sartogo Architetti, Chalabi Architects, Gae Aulenti, Calvin Klein, Zach Hines, Sasaki Studio, CAFA, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Pastrovich Studio, Azimuth, Parsitalia, B&B Italia, Spink Property, STS, Unit 9, Zaha Hadid Architects, Daniel Libeskind, Philip Gumichdjian, Eva Jiricna Architects, Fiat Stellantis, Tiffany & Co, David Collins Studio, MATT Architecture, Tito Boeri Studio, Spea Europa, Populous