Hardware independent real-time raytracing

Enjoy real-time raytracing feedback during your entire wokflow. FELIX's raytracing feedback is true to final result.

Complex scenes handling

With FELIX you can handle scenes with 100 mil polygons from your laptop.

Collaborative 2D and 3D asset libraries

Felix allows users to upload and share 2D
and 3D content with the community. Thanks
to it's generous community FELIX offers
close to 10.000 objects and 13.000

Vegetation paint tools

FELIX offers a simple yet powerful vegetation paint tool for your landscape archiecture projects.

Easy drag and drop workflow

just pick up materials and objects from FELIX inbuld libraries and set-up your scenes in minutes.

Scattering tools

Scatter objects among specific surfaces. Very useful for gardens, parks and carpets.

Massive instancing

We offer a simply yet powerful way to
precisely place thausands of objects in your

Non destructive workflow

A normal creative process is branched, not linear, and the end result will likely be a hybrid of multiple variations. FELIX assists you by offering a carefree workflow. You can always go back in time, retrieve successful version and mix them with the current project.

Ikebana vegetation presets

In Felix you can create Ikebana, a type of preset that includes different types of plants, stones and rocks. Later you can use them in your designs by simple drag-and-drop.

Light editor

Scenes with dozens or even hundreds of different types of light are particularly difficult to control, and no GPU can handle a scene like the one above. With Felix's light editor you can play with light color and intensity in real time and enjoy lighting design like never before.

Rich image format

You can retrieve individual elements, objects and materials from a rendering by simply pressing Shift (for objects) and Ctrl (for materials) and clicking on the desired element of a rendering and dragging it into the scene. It's like magic!

Broadcast quality animations

Flicker free animations up to 4k