real-time ray tracing

FELIX "LIVE" shows real-time ray tracing feedback, including caustics, volumetrics and full global illumination.

support for 100M+ polygons

FELIX handles complex scenes comprising millions of polygons with ease from any laptop.

collaborative asset libraries

Users can upload and share 2D and 3D content with the FELIX community, consisting today of 10K objects and 13K materials.

landscape painter

Use brush strokes to place plants, rocks, trees or any landscaping element with precision, adding natural beauty and elegance to any project.

intuitive workflow

Simply drag & drop materials and objects from FELIX's inbuilt asset libraries to set up intricate scenes in minutes.

scatter tool

Design lifelike gardens, parks and landscapes using natural looking dispersal patterns.

massive instancing

Precisely place thousands of objects to build complex scenes, without expensive rendering overheads.

non destructive workflow

FELIX supports non-linear & creative workflows by allowing users to go back in time, retrieve different versions of any object or element and mix them with the current project.

Ikebana (生花) garden presets

FELIX makes it easy to build presets for landscape designs that are easily reusable by simple drag & drop.

real time light editor

Play with light color and intensity in real time, editing scenes with dozens or even hundreds of different types of light. Enjoy lighting design like never before.

FELIX rich image format

With FELIX’s rich image format you can retrieve individual elements, objects and materials from any previous rendering and drag it into the current scene. It's like magic!

broadcast quality animations

Storyboard and render broadcast quality 4k animations at astonishingly low cost.