Light and form, the arcane elements of architecture to be revisited with FELIX Render. Yours is the freedom to choose the subject, place and time.


Submitted images will be evaluated on four factors: concept, color scheme, composition and attention to detail.


2000 Euro for the first prize, 600 Euro for the second prize, 1000 FELIX credits for the third prize.


1) Fabio d'Agnano, 3D visualization expert for 25 years and director of the Master of Digital Architecture at the University of Venice (IUAV).
2) Massimo Ciani, 3D visualization expert for 30 years and founder of FELIX Render.
3) Andrea Castejon, 20 years of experience in 3D visualization and founder of the architectural firm Centropolis Design.
4) David Rossmann, 3D visualization expert for 30 years and founder of FELIX Render.


This Rendering contest has to be produced using FELIX Render as 3D rendering tool.

Register and download FELIX from here:
Register and download
The complete list of guidelines and rules are downlodable form this link:`
FELIX Render contest rules


01/08/2023 at 3pm GMT.
Please read the contest rules for proper submission.
FELIX Render contest rules


We offer 60-minute webinars to new FELIX users on the following dates:
31/05/2023 at 1pm GMT
07/06/2023 at 1pm GMT
14/06/2023 at 1pm GMT
The link will be posted below two hours before the webinar begins.


We recommend that you spend the initial time clearly structuring the concept of the final image. If you have friends who are art directors, painters or photographers, try to involve them.

FELIX Credits

In addition to the 50 credits you will get by opening your first account or having us reload your existing account, FELIX still and always offers, on a daily basis, 15 minutes of live rendering and two credits. Low-resolution previews are also free.