Choosing Felix Render offers all the advantages of a rendering platform tailored to the needs of architects and designers. All aspects are optimized and made functional to the profession, from the control of costs and production times, to reach a work quality at the highest levels.

> save money

Zero software licencing costs: Felix is completely free and always up to date: you only pay for the renderings produced, with full control of the expenditure made.
Zero hardware costs: Felix's cloud-based infrastructure allows you to take advantage of all its from with a simple notebook. Performance is almost completely independent of hardware.
No Render Farm needed: Felix's cloud rendering provides unlimited computing power.
Zero outsourcing: With Felix it is possible to manage a project's entire work flow internally, without having to outsource rendering and animations.

> simple, fast, reliable

Ready to use resource libraries: Thousands of professional quality materials and models, placed into the scene with a simple drag and drop.
Projects of any size: The interface, resources and pre-sets allow you to develop projects of any scale and complexity with the same efficiency. Non-destructive work process. Felix's unique chronology allows you to save all the versions of a project. Any change is selectively reversible, only in some parts.
Easy to learn and to teach: Starting from scratch it is possible to be fully operational in less than a day.
Always 100% operational: Thanks to its cloud infrastructure, a simple notebook laptop is enough to synchronize data and work from anywhere, without the physical constraint of the presence in the studio.
Versatile: Felix imports 3D files from 3DS MAX, Rhino 3D, Sketchup, Revit, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, Lightwave and many others.

> uncompromising quality

The quality of Maxwell Render: Thanks to the power of its renderfarms, Felix allows you to use the quality of Maxwell Render in line with the timing of production and modification of an architecture and design project.
Advanced lighting for interiors and exteriors: Hundreds of ready-made environments and light sources make it possible to quickly and intuitively configure very complex lighting setups. The truly revolutionary light editor offers a real-time preview of each setting.
Photo-realistic quality animations: Felix's computing power allows you to treat animations as if they were simple images. You can get videos of your projects on the same day, with absolutely affordable costs.