How to add vegetation to your scenes

For people and trees FELIX uses a technology called "billboards" or "spites". In your modeling software you have to create one layer for each kind of vegetation.

For each vegetation instance simply build a triangular polygon. For example, if you want five trees in a garden, you have to build five polygons in a layer called "big trees". Each polygon has to be coplanar to the ground. The polygon's size is not relevant. 

Load the geometry into FELIX and assign a tree material from the tree library to the layer "big trees”.

The tree materials in FELIX are in groups of trees. In this way FELIX will automatically alternate various types of trees on each of the polygons of your layer, thus avoiding the typical repetitions of the single instance.

If the tree library of FELIX doesn't fit your needs, you can build your own "tree materials" with the Material editor.