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How to define the render speed in FELIX



You reach the new speed settings by cliking on S1 on each View in the "Projects" window

Press "Estimate render times" and wait until FELIX completes the estimation. This operation can take up to 5 minutes.

After the estimation is completed rendering times and costs for all speeds are dipslayed.

After the estimation is completed you can chose your optimal rendering speed.

You can also still modify the resolution and the rendering quality of the view without the need to recalculate the estimation.



You will have to recalculate the estimation if you apply changes to the scene, environment,

objects, materials or if you modify camera settings and position.

Only at High Priority speeds you can run 20 Renderings at time.

Rendering resolution above 14 megapixel have to be done at least at speed High Priority 1x  (S6).