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FELIX is a cloud based rendering solution compatible with Rhino3D.

Watch this video to see FELIX's main features:


To import Rhino3D files in FELIX you need:

1) Install in Rhino3D the FELIX exporter plug-in.   

Watch this short video to follow the entire procedure:

a) Download the Rhino3D-FELIX plug in from

b) in your Rhino3D plug-ins folder create a folder called FELIX

c) Copy the downloaded plug-in files in to the ...Rhinoceros/Plug-ins/FELIX/   folder

d) Open Rhino3D and choose "Options", go in the Plug-ins area and choose "install"

c) choose the file ...Rhinoceros/Plug-ins/FELIX/Felix_o3d_Exporter.dll


2) Export the Rhino3D scene by choosing the O3d format.

3) Import in FELIX the O3D file.


Feel free to contacts FELIX's technical support for free FELIX lessons via SKYPE.



Here are some examples of Rhino3D scenes rendered in FELIX:

Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid

Asymptote Architecture

FIAT automotive Group. Rhino was used to convert IGES files to poligonal meshes.