How to make an animation with FELIX

Please install the latest VLC player on your PC. First of all you have to create a new animation project by clicking with the right mouse button over "Project" column. In the same way create a project version in the "version" column. Now you can drag a rendering on to the Animation Timeline. You are creating an animation "Clip" which by default is 75 frames long (3 seconds PAL). By doing this you are also telling FELIX that you want to define a camera path for the scene shown in the rendering. You can drag various renderings from different Projects and different set-ups on to the same Timeline. Each one will create a new animation "Clip". This gives you a decent overview even on complex animations. The small red markers are the key-frames. If you point the cursor on a red maker you will see it surrounded by a White Frame. This means that now you can edit the camera position. With the right mouse button you can add or delete keyframes. To switch from one key frame to the next one you can use CTRL + →. To stretch an animation clip to increase or decrease it's duration press CTRL and drag the white right marker in the clip. To replace a previous rendering in the Timeline drag the new one over the old one by pressing the CTRL key. In this way you can update the scene status by maintaining the previously defined camera path. The cost of the animation depends by four factors:
  • Animation resolution
  • Animation quality
  • Animation length
  • Efficiency factor of the renderings in the Timeline. Lower is the efficiency factor higher will be the animation cost. Try to setup your scenes obtaining at least 15.0 of Efficiency.