Felix is a cloud based rendering solution designed for architects and designers.
Felix imports 3D files from 3DS MAX, Rhino 3D, Sketchup, Revit, Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, Lightwave and many others.
By importing the project from the main CAD-BIM, thanks to Felix it is possible to obtain renderings and animations in just a few simple steps.
The Felix features have been developed starting from the architects' needs, so that they can concentrate only on the project, in the most natural way possible. For all the technical aspects there is Felix Render.

how it works

Felix features

FELIX's typical workflow

FELIX allows you to import 3D files from Rhino, Autocad, Revit, Maya, Sketchup, 3DS Max, Blender, Lightwave3D, C4D.
Once in FELIX you will be able to apply materials, lighting, furnishing accessories and create wonderful renderings and animations.
Download the plug-in from our website, install it, open a 3D model in Rhino and click on the FELIX export icon; Rhino will export the 3D model to FELIX. FELIX will realize by itself that a new 3D model has been exported from Rhino and will create a scene in FELIX. Now you can work on both applications at the same time, Rhino for modeling and FELIX for rendering. When you want to update the FELIX scene with the latest changes made in Rhino, just press the "export to FELIX" icon again. If in Rhino you select the meshes of a single Layer (partial layers cannot be sent to FELIX) and then click "export to FELIX", FELIX will only update that specific layer.

Complete FELIX Manual

This is the FELIX manual.

Lighting techniques in FELIX

Lighting plays a major role in rendering. Watch this video to get an idea of how this issue is addressed in FELIX.

Real-time Lighting

This tool allows you to equalize the lighting of the most complex interiors in real time.
- in the view click the "L" in order make a "Light Editor" rendering.
- Equalize the lighting of your scene.
- Copy the new lighting settings into your scene.
Now the scene is ready for final renders.

Massive instancing in FELIX

FELIX offers several simple ways to add huge amounts of 3D objects to your scene.

How to import a texture and create a material

From the Material Editor you can easily import your own textures and create your materials.