Hardware independent and pay-as-you-go.

No licensing fees make FELIX the most reliable solution for your renderings.

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How does it work?

Credit use varies according to three factors: render quality, render speed and render resolution. On top of that, with one single contract you can install FELIX on as many workplaces as you need without any extra charge.



 600x300 pixel, quality 1speed 1x, rendered in 28 seconds

Cost 0.28 Credits



1200x600 pixel, quality 2speed 1x, rendered in 2:15 minutes

Cost 2.25 Credits





  3000x1500 pixel, quality 2, render speed 1x, rendered in 14 minutes

Cost 14.06 Credits





6000x3000 pixel, quality 2, render speed 1x, rendered in 53 minutes

Cost 56.25 Credits


How mutch can I save?

FELIX's long term saving.

The chart shows the average annual hardware, software and electricity savings using FELIX compared to standard techologies.

Ex: If you plan to invest 8.000 Euro in hardware and software to produce 50 A1 size renderings per year you could save aproximatly 6.500 Euro using FELIX.

Annual Savings by using FELIX

Hardware / Software / Electricity Costs per Year (Euro)


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